Providing Vietnam visa on arrival Providing Vietnam visa on arrival


Posted by Hgtech on Jan 01, 2018
Transit visas contain a number of issues that require you to act as a matter of authentication information, legal process, etc. Transit is not a rare occurrence but is very common. So the information about this regulation is very useful and you may have encountered or may be in the future you will be entangled, prepare yourself for the necessary information.
An airport transit visa does not allow entry into the Schengen area and can only be issued in the event that the applicant moves between two non-Schengen airports and only transits at a Schengen airport.
Check in at the international airport
Cases of applying for a visa at an international airport:
1-Originating from a country without a competent authority issuing Vietnamese visas.
2 - Before coming to Vietnam must go through many countries.
3-Into Vietnam to visit, tourism under the program organized by international business in Vietnam.
4- Foreign crew members are on board a ship mooring at Vietnamese seaports which needs to exit through another border gate.
5- To visit relatives who are seriously ill, funeral ...
6- To participate in emergency response, rescue, rescue, prevention of natural disasters, diseases ....
International airport pass for foreigners arriving in Vietnam
Extend visa at airport
At international land border gates and airports in Vietnam, foreigners are exempted from entry requirements for entry into Vietnam at cabin for foreigners entering Vietnam.
Note: When you make the visa application process through the international airport should follow the guidance of the specialists on visa - visa officer at Hgtech company or the specific guidance of immigration officer at the door. When you check in at the checkpoint you will not have to pay any fees.
Foreign nationals who come from countries and territories that do not sign visa exemption agreements with Vietnam prior to entry into Vietnam are required to obtain a visa through an international airport or entry document. Vietnam.
In case you have a Vietnamese visa, the foreigner arriving at the border gate of Vietnam love to do procedures at Cabin for foreigners entry. You should follow the instructions or specific guidance of the immigration officer at the border gate and do not have to pay any related fees when carrying out procedures at the border gate.
If the foreigner wishes to enter Vietnam, they will be required to fill in the Vietnamese visa application form together with their entry and exit formalities and passports and pay the visa application fee as prescribed.
Application procedure for entry visa visa at international airport
- An application for a visa to enter the country according to the preprinted form (the application form may be changed depending on the Vietnamese representative office in foreign country).
There are two forms: - a sample for foreigners
- a sample for overseas Vietnamese.
- 02 photos 4cmx6cm or 3cmx4cm to be attached to the application form for visa issuance.
- Original passport of foreigner must be valid for at least 06 months
- Letter of entry: issued by the Immigration Department of the Ministry of Public Security of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam allowing you to enter and receive a visa at the International Airport.
Foreigners should print in 02 copies and bring along with the plane ticket, in case they forget to bring them, they can present them via mobile phone, as their entry information is stored in the management system of airport.
Foreigners are required to apply for this letter before arrival at the airport for 1-2 days. This Official Letter is issued by the Immigration Department issued by one of the following individuals: Foreigners in Vietnam guarantee
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Visa service through international airport
Visa service through international airport
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